Upcoming multiplayer Switch game Tower of Babel will be showcased at Gamescom!

 Upcoming multiplayer Switch game Tower of Babel will be showcased at Gamescom!

After announcing the port of their game to the Nintendo console, DNA Studios will showcase the Switch version of Tower of Babel at Gamescom 2019 in Köln. Participants will have the chance to play the game at booth B61 C70 in Hall 4.1 in the business area.

The game will be part of the Swiss Delegation gathering best swiss video games studios. It will also participate in the Dutch Courage event on Monday 19.08.19 where players will even receive a beer in exchange for playing the game!

About Tower of Babel:
Tower of Babel is a multiplayer physic-based tower building game. In the game, you and your friends build a tower together. But beware ! Who makes the tower collapse loses the game. To spice things up, you can cast magic spells to scupper your opponents moves. A bit of a digital Jenga.. with explosions and magic tricks! Easy to pick up and endless fun!

You can challenge or play with your friends in local multiplayer up to 4 players with the Friendly, Selfish and Battle mode, or play online against other consoles anywhere in the world.

With alliance games and magic spells combining, it won’t be an easy ride. Tower of Babel is a game that cement friendships and break towers… or the other way around 🙂

Prepare your tower building skill & gather your friends, Tower of Babel will hit the Nintendo e-shop in fall 2019!

Quelle: DNA Studios


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