These games celebrate the launch of Stranger Things 3.

Series fans are excited about the start of the third and final season of the mystery adventure “Stranger Things” on Netflix. There is also a new video game and in the “Fortnite” world there are suddenly heaps of underworld portals.

“Stranger Things 3 – The Game”: The official game for the Netflix hit will be released on July 4th. Like the series, the adventure game also has an 80s atmosphere. Visually, it is reminiscent of old 16-bit games. The missions are based on the events of the current season and can also be played together with a friend. Players can slip into the roles of 12 series favorites. For PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS and Android.

“Fortnite” update: The Avengers and John Wick were already featured in the popular online action game. Now it’s “Stranger Things”‘s turn. Already on the 3rd of July the Dimensionstore, known from the TV series, opened up in the game world. First they were sighted in the mega mall area. Instead of moving the players into a dark parallel world, they serve here only as simple teleporters. For the start of the series there will probably be more content, such as costumes and dances.

Quelle: EpicGames

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