The Division 2: Raid shifted to May, Update 3.0 brings PvP changes

The first 8-player raid for The Division 2 will only be released in May 2019. According to the developers, the reason for the postponement is adjustments to the balancing, which also affect PvP. We summarize all important information from the current State-of-the-Game-contribution.

Last Thursday, April 17, 2019, it was time again for a state-of-the-art live stream of The Division 2 – and the developers dropped a bomb right away. The Title Update 3.0, originally planned for April 25, 2019, will be postponed until May. There is no exact date yet.

Community developer Hamish Bode explained in the SotG stream that they had decided to postpone the update in order to improve the balancing of the planned 8-player raid and PvP content. For this purpose the tests of the update are currently running on the test server for PC. Interested players can try out the planned new features of Update 3.0 until May 2, 2019 – the PTR is available for download on Uplay for The Division 2 players.

The SotG stream was mainly about the state of the player versus player gameplay in The Division 2. In conversation with the two developers Terry Spier and Ryan Liebscher from Red Storm Entertainment, who are responsible for PvP in The Division 2, Hamish Bode discussed the new features of the game’s PvP system. The changes affect both PvP in general and the Dark Zone in particular:

The normalization of the player level will be set to the maximum world animal. In this way, players will be able to take full advantage of their character builds, including skill power mods, while still maintaining a fair PvP experience.
Damage modifiers in PvP will be reduced from 70 percent to 40 percent, giving players more time to react. The skill damage modifiers, on the other hand, will increase from 20 percent to 25 percent. The developers want to give more power to the abilities in PvP.
In PvP, there will no longer be any critical or headshot bonuses for hip shots.
Exotic weapons will cause more damage in PvP.
The developers want to customize various armor and weapon talents. See the patch notes for the complete list of changes.
In Conflict mode, the players’ armor bars should show the actual state of the armor. In addition, the teams’ spawns synchronize so that waves of players from the same team can join the battle together.
As far as the dark zone is concerned, fans must be prepared for the following adjustments:

There will no longer be a rogue cooldown for players to connect to their group despite the rogue mode.
There will be more contaminated loot in the Dark Zone in the future. Named bosses will always drop contaminated loot. The space in the container for contaminated booty increases to six units and can be increased to ten with the revised DarkZone-Perks.
Landmarks get a short cooldown so players have to move more in the Dark Zone.
To allow more players to come together in a dark zone segment, the developers reduce the dark zone brackets to two parts. All players from level 1-30 are in one bracket, the world animal players are in the other.
Items in the Dark Zone will have a maximum gear score of 515.
The developers adjust the AI of the NPCs in the dark zone. The enemies should cause less damage, but take more damage.
In the Occupied Dark Zone, players lose fewer experience points on death. The developers have also reduced the number of NPC patrols to create more PvP conflicts.


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