Sony announces first official details about PlayStation 5: 8K, Ray-Tracing, SSD, release slot and more!

Sony’s Mark Cerny, Lead Architect of the PS4 and PS5, has given the first official details about PlayStation 5. There won’t be a release in 2019, of course, but some studios are already working with the new console and more DevKits are currently being distributed to developers worldwide. Sony’s new flagship will be launched in 2020, at E3 this year there will be nothing to see yet.

Of course Cerny doesn’t yet give exact details about the interior of the next-generation console, but the core will be an 8-core AMD CPU 7nm Zen 2, which is based on the third Ryzen generation. On the side of the GPU (graphics unit) a modified AMD chip of the Navi generation will be used, which will support Ray Tracing. Ray Tracing calculates the propagation of individual rays of light in real time, enabling more realistic light and reflection effects, among other things – a feature that is currently very popular in Hollywood. Currently there is no console that can handle ray tracing. 8K resolution should also support the PS5, but probably more for video content than for games. For the 8K output of games could be similar to the PS4 Pro scaling tricks such as image reconstruction or checkerboard rendering.

According to Cerny, an important component of the new console is an extremely fast high-end SSD storage system. Cerny demonstrated the enormously high speed with Spider-Man: On a PS4 Pro it took about 15 seconds for the friendly spider to get from one end of Manhattan to another point using the fast travel option. On an early PS5 DevKit with still “low speed” it took only 0.8 seconds. The SSD storage solution should have a higher bandwidth than all SSDs currently available for the PC.

Also on the audio side there will be a lot going on, also supported by ray tracing for 3D effects, which can also simulate the propagation of noises similar to light. “As a player, it was a bit frustrating that the audio didn’t change too much from PS3 to PS4. With the next console, it’s a dream to show how dramatically different the sound experience can be when we use large amounts of hardware power on it.”

Microsoft has just announced an Xbox One S without a disc drive that plays purely digital games. However, the PS5 will continue to use physical media and will not be a pure download console. In addition, the PS5 should be downward compatible, at least your PS4 games should run on it. There is no information about PS1, PS2 and PS3 yet. For 4 years Sony has been developing on the PS5.


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