Mighty celebrate T.E.A.M. spirit with an Esports Manager

 Mighty celebrate T.E.A.M. spirit with an Esports Manager

Total Esports Action Manager launched on April 3rd on Steam, Itch.io and Humble. T.E.A.M: Total Esports Action Manager was created by Mighty Games; the developers who brought you free-to-play mobile hits such as Piffle, Shooty Skies and more. So why the departure from mobile to release a PC/Mac only simulation strategy game?

Mighty wanted to expand and extend the dev team’s skills by diversifying their platform knowledge and designing quite complex mechanics. It has provided a welcome break from the fast paced content churn of mobile free-to-play.

T.E.A.M. has been an interesting challenge to tackle. Not only does a player have to manage the skills and budget of the team but they have to manage their emotional states as well. There are some interesting quirks within the narrative that really display the (sometimes troubling) personalities of the athletes. Ultimately, the true secret of the game is – happy team equals victory! Mighty Games Creative Director Matt Ditton says, “We have been solely on mobile for many years, we wanted to see if we could tackle something with depth and complexity. We’ve invested a lot of love and are hoping players are inspired to manage the T.E.A.M. with equal passion.” 

Unique Features

  • Managing a team of professional and diverse gamers
  • Recruit and fire athletes for the perfect team
  • Use the coach’s advice to manage conflict
  • Balance the budget for big profits
  • Train the athletes and manage their stats
  • Appealing visuals and a great soundtrack.


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