Gamescom 2019: Windows gaming at your own booth with Age of Empires and more

 Gamescom 2019: Windows gaming at your own booth with Age of Empires and more

Microsoft not only travels to Xbox with an exhibition stand, but also with an area for PC gaming only. In hall 8, booth B-040 and A-041 PC-Partner and Microsoft present some new games and hardware. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions, Minecraft Dungeons and other titles can be played at more than 80 stations. PC games from the Xbox Game Pass can also be tried out.

In addition to the Xbox and the game streaming service xCloud, PC gaming is once again an important pillar in Microsoft’s efforts in the field of video games. Phil Spencer not only heads the Xbox department, but is also the boss for all gaming experiences related to Microsoft. He has announced that he will also be more responsive to the wishes of PC players. A first sign, for example, is the release of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. The strategy game will not only be available in the company’s own Microsoft Store, but also from its competitor Steam.

Testing PC games on new hardware
Visitors to Gamescom can test upcoming PC games at their own Windows gaming stand. These include not only Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, but also Minecraft Dungeons. For those who prefer to travel fast by car, Forza Horizon 4 and the Lego Speed Champions add-on can virtually push the accelerator pedal. In a built up parkour you have to solve tricky puzzles and can then win tickets for the 4D Sphere. So you can experience the racing game even more intensively than all the other visitors to the fair.

As a hardware partner, Acer will be exhibiting new gaming hardware, and you will also be able to sit on the Predator Thronos gaming chair. Boostbox and Mifcon will provide new gaming PCs with AMD Ryzen for testing. Cyberpower, on the other hand, trusts Intel and will exhibit customizable computers. Various titles from the Xbox Game Pass for PC game subscription can be tested on the computers on display. Subscribers receive access to more than 100 different PC games for 10 euros a month. These can be downloaded and – depending on the game title – played offline as long as you are a paying subscriber.

Facts about Windows gaming at Gamescom 2019:

  • At Gamescom there will again be a separate booth for Windows gamers. More than 80 stations with PC games will be set up in Hall 8 Booth B 0-40 and A 0-41.
  • Among others, you can play Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, Forza Horizon 4: Lego Speed Champions and Minecraft Dungeons.
  • PC hardware from Acer, Boostbox and Mifcon are available.
  • Visitors to the fair can also play various games from the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription at the stand. The subscription costs 10 Euro per month and gives the key to the PC game library with more than 100 different game titles. The individual games can be downloaded and played for as long as you are a paying customer.
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