Gamescom 2019 – This is Bethesda’s fair program!

 Gamescom 2019 – This is Bethesda’s fair program!

Shortly after the release of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Bethesda is clearly going for the Christmas title DOOM Eternal at this month’s gamescom 2019, which will be released on 22 November for all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. You can also play the title at three booths, for example at Bethesda itself in Hall 8 or at Microsoft and Google Stadia. The game slots can be reserved on the internet shortly before you play, so you might not have to queue at all. It is very unlikely that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be playable. However, it might be worth it for you to check out the game. For more information, please read the following press release:

Bethesda at gamescom 2019 – German premiere of DOOM Eternal, a DOOM forest, the Fallout CAMP, ESO tavern and Gronkh Meet & Greet

On 19 August it’s time again: gamescom opens its doors and offers many exciting topics from the world of computer and video games. Bethesda will of course be there again and we are very happy to welcome all visitors to this year’s fair together with our hardware partner ASUS in Hall 8 at Stand C020 – B021. So all visitors can play on absolute high-end PCs from Boostboxx with top hardware from ASUS Republic of Gamers.

German premiere of DOOM Eternal & new queue concept

Join us in celebrating the Year of DOOM to celebrate the 25th anniversary of id Software’s groundbreaking series with a booth straight from hell that is the focus of DOOM Eternal. For the first time in Germany, players will be able to play the game themselves before it is released worldwide on November 22.

In Hall 8 in the Entertainment Area, numerous game stations will be available for visitors to play DOOM Eternal in detail. In addition to the traditional queue, visitors will also be able to register for the digital queue via a gamescom website for the first time. And for all those who would like to take a quick look at our upcoming autumn highlight without having to wait in line for a long time, we are offering a Spectator Area for the first time, where those interested can look over the shoulder of other players.

And according to the motto “Play DOOM and do good” we plant trees in the DOOM-WOOD, more precisely 0.666 m² for every visitor who plays DOOM Eternal at our booth.

But of course there is much more:

    We broadcast daily live from our MainStream-Studio from our booth in hall 8 with a diverse program on
    Players can turn into the DOOM layer and pose with the helmet from the Collector’s Edition (European premiere) in front of a unique backdrop from hell – BFG included.
    You can’t get enough of DOOM Eternal? Visit our friends from Xbox in hall 8 or at GOOGLE Stadia in hall 9 for even more starter stations.
    Focus on the community

As in previous years, we are expanding Gamescom again in this year and cordially invite our community to various events.

The Fallout CAMP premiere will start on Thursday, August 22nd at Meltdown Cologne. 150 Fallout fans can live out their wasteland spirit there and chat with like-minded people, party, gamble and dust off numerous goodies. You can find more information on Facebook.

DOOM fans will get their money’s worth again on Friday: Germany’s most popular Let’s Player Gronkh is in total DOOM fever. Meet him at Meet & Greet on Friday, 23 August from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the RedBull Area on P8.
The crowning finale will be the ESO tavern in Herbrand’s Ehrenfeld on Saturday, 24 August. The Elder Scrolls Online”, the world’s largest community event, will give 400 fans the opportunity to meet and talk to numerous developers from Zenimax Online Studios in a cosy atmosphere. Matt Firor (Studio Director), Rich Lambert (Creative Director), Mike Finnigan (Dungeon Lead) and Rob Garrett (Lead Gameplay Designer) will also be present. More details can be found on the website.

Of course we will visit Bethesda for you! See you there?

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