Fortnite shock: Star gamer panics fans: “All accounts will be…”

 Fortnite shock: Star gamer panics fans: “All accounts will be…”

Gamer shocked: Is Fortnite hacked?

This message panics Fortnite fans. A Star-Gamer claims on Youtube that all accounts should be deleted. And that already on 6 July! What’s it all about, reports about?

Landon’s no stranger to the gamer scene. The man who gambles for Minecraft, among others, has more than 3.5 million subscribers. His word has weight among players. Now he’s turning the scene upside down. The star gamer, whose real name is Landon Nickerson, claims that all Fortnite accounts should be deleted. A crazy hacker is to strike on 6 July and deactivate all accounts, Landon claims in a Youtube video. The hacker is said to be a former Fortnite admin.

Even the Fortnite makers were forced to react to the rumors because of the waves that this news hit. A press spokesman responded on Twitter, contradicting Landon’s portrayal. On Twitter it said loudly “This is ridiculous and not true!

Fortnite announces vacation break – and announces big surprise

Fortnite developer studio Epic Games has announced that the entire studio will be closed for a holiday break from 24 June to 8 July. During this time we will not be able to work on Fortnite and possible updates and improvements.

However, this news should not be seen as negative, because when Epic Games took a two-week winter break during Christmas 2018, there was plenty of news for the fans of Fortnite.

Fortnite: Zwei Wochen Pause! Aber große Überraschung im Spiel angekündigt.

Do I have to worry about the fun of playing Fortnite during the summer break?

Many players are worried that there may be problems in the game during the summer break and that urgent bugs in Fortnite cannot be fixed during this time. Epic Games has responded to a request from the gaming magazine “Polygon”:You don’t have to worry that Epic won’t respond during the holiday season. The developers will make sure that they react quickly to problems, as they did during the winter break.

What happens in Fortnite during the summer break? Surprise to come

If you can still remember the winter holiday 2018 of Epic Games, the big event “14 Days Fortnite” will surely say something to you. At that time there were numerous challenges and opportunities to pick up presents. In patch 9.30 some of the upcoming challenges have already been found in the code, as you can see in this Twitter post from Lucas7yoshi.

What rewards will I receive at the Fortnite Summer Event?

A fat surprise – despite the holiday: Epic Games has come up with suitable rewards for the challenges in the Fortnite Summer Event. In addition to start screen backgrounds, you can get dance moves, emoticons, character accessories and coveted weapons.

It’s worth completing the difficult tasks, because the rewards are often rare items and moves.

New graphics card features in Season 10 from Fortnite

The Season 10 is also about to start and brings some big innovations with it. Epic Games is also introducing changes to Fortnite’s system requirements with the new season. With the new patch and the introduction of Season 10, players need a DirectX-11-enabled graphics card.

Here is a list of graphics cards that use DirectX 10:

  • Asus EAH4870/HTDI
  • Edel-Grafikkarten HD 4850 Vortexx Neo
  • Evga Geforce 9800 GTX+
  • Gigabyte GV-R485-512H-B
  • Leadtek Winfast PX9600 GT Heatpipe
  • PNY Geforce 9600 GT XLR8 OC
  • Powercolor Radeon HD 4850
  • Sapphire Radeon HD 4870
  • Xpertvision Geforce 9800 GTX 512MB
  • Zotac Geforce 9600 GT AMP
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