FIFA 20: Deadline set; outlook on planned improvements compared to FIFA 19!

 FIFA 20: Deadline set; outlook on planned improvements compared to FIFA 19!


EA Sports will officially present FIFA 20 today at 8 pm, but the release date has already been announced via Twitter. The soccer game will be released on 27 September 2019. Platforms have not yet been named, apart from the PlayStation 4 branding at the end of the spot. The cover star this time is Neymar. More details will follow tonight.

In a blog post, the “FIFA Gameplay Developers” also compiled various features, game mechanics and adjustments that would be on the community’s wish list, were criticised by FIFA 19 and that the development team would prioritise for the next FIFA title.

“AI Defense Behaviour
We strive to improve the gaming experience in terms of the AI’s defensive behaviour and movements, positional play and reactions of AI players. This was always on our community’s wish list for the next FIFA title:
-The defensive systems are revised, the positional game is adapted and the rhythm and flow of the game are included via a renewed defence system. The manual defensive game will be more emphasized, and there will be more success in manual defending.
– With Planned Tackling, we present a new system that rewards manual duels: when a defender goes into a duel, it ensures that there is a context advantage for his team (e.g. by conquering the ball or playing the ball to a close team-mate in a duel).
– The effectiveness of delivery and teammate delivery is reduced so that players and AI teammates can keep more distance and react more slowly to dribbler direction changes. Automatic duels and automatic blocks are less common. This makes manual defending not only more effective, but also more rewarding.
– We’ve integrated an improved push-pull system with greater agility and precision to reward players who control their defenders themselves.

These diverse systems and game mechanics should allow you to experience a different AI defense experience. The FIFA 19 community has emphasized this point time and again.

Consistency in 1 vs. 1 shots
The team has put a lot of work into improving those match situations where players can easily face the goalkeeper 1-on-1:
– The precision of the one-on-one shots is improved, so that more shots are fired on goal and light penalty area situations are made more consistent.
– Free goal situations are also optimized so that players are more rewarded for one-on-one situations and the likelihood of “easy goals” increases. The community has pointed this out to us again and again.
– The goalkeeper reactions are also adjusted, especially in 1-on-1 situations. It will be less often that crazy reactions occur, so that the goalkeepers act more “humanely” and the strikers get a higher probability of success.
– Outer instep shots are improved and should now only occur when a player actually has the Outer instep feature.
– Tuning the shot height/power will make massive flat shots even more similar to full instep shots. This leads to greater consistency and a higher probability of success.

Final timing
At the final timing, a new game mechanic from FIFA 19, we received a lot of feedback. We will continue to customize this game mechanic, taking into account the feedback from our community:
– The Green Time Window for timing shots will be reduced (from 2-4 frames to 2 frames for all shots), making these shots even more difficult and skill-based.
– The precision of timing shots is adjusted to slightly lower their precision. Green timing shots are still more precise after this change than shots without timing.
– Difficult 180-degree shots are adjusted to make them less promising (even with perfect timing).

Volley flanks and volley shots
In the next FIFA title, the effectiveness of volley flanks and volley shots will be reduced:
– Increased Difficulty/Error Susceptibility – Volley/lift flanks are no longer as precise and their result range is increased.
– There will be more variety in header duels. If players jump after the ball and collide in the air, the striker’s goal will be more difficult to score.
– Reduced Volley Shot Precision – Volley shots are less precise and their range of results is increased.

The team has been working hard on these game mechanics and has watched various FIFA 19 videos and examples from the community and professionals throughout the year.

Special movements in a row
One of the main concerns of the FIFA 19 community is the stringing together of special movements that leads to an overpowering tactic against which one can hardly defend oneself. To incorporate this feedback, the team has made successive special moves more error-prone, making the dribbler more likely to lose the ball. As soon as more than 2 special movements are lined up we

Manual goalkeeper movements
The effectiveness of manual goalkeeper movements will be significantly reduced in the future, so that goalkeepers move more slowly and realistically. If you control your goalkeeper manually with the right stick, you’ll have to choose a direction, which makes such situations even riskier, but potentially even more rewarding. In our recent feedback sessions, we’ve received feedback from both core gamers and pros, so we expect these changes to fix the mechanics of the game.

In the FIFA 19 cycle, the community has always given us feedback on the pass mechanics. We will consider this feedback in the next FIFA title as follows:
– Increased susceptibility to error in difficult pass positions – 180-degree passes, direct passes and passes under pressure now lead to slower/weaker balls, making them less effective and easier to intercept from the opposite side.
– For passes in very light situations, precision is increased: passes without pressure, passes without obstacles and passes with optimal body position are now even more precise.
– Player-controlled tip passes are a new option for ground passes and steep passes. Tip passes are slightly flipped passes that can be used to dodge a defender’s leg. These passes are no longer context-based, but have to be used manually using this new mechanism.
– Full span double passes are another new pass option that leads to more powerful double passes and increased mobility or better positional play in attack. As a result of this change, the old “Manual Pass” mechanism via this keyboard combo (L1/LB+R1/RB+Pass) will no longer be available.

Changing players
According to your feedback it could happen in FIFA 19 that a player was set to a free ball and then he could not make any player changes. The team is currently working on preventing such situations and making the mechanism of the player change help even clearer. There is now an automatic player change option for air balls and free balls.

There was also feedback on player changes where the right player was not always selected. The team strives to increase the precision of player changes in various game situations, such as airballs, rebounds or crosses. In addition, the team is also working to make player changes as constant and responsive as possible using the right stick, and to increase the intelligence of automatic player changes to the player closest to the ball.”

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