Caliber: Wargaming’s tactical shooter can be played at Gamescom 2019

At this year’s Gamescom, the third-person shooter Caliber will be playable for the first time in Germany. It will be published by Wargaming and is supposed to bring the World-of-Tanks principle into the shooter genre. The title should concentrate on tactics and communication, more information can be found here.

he Free2Play tactical shooter Caliber from Wargaming will be playable at Gamescom this year. The title is a new multiplayer brand of the World-of-Tanks maker and the developer studio 1C Games Studios, which is mainly about tactics and communication in the team. The game will feature PvE and PvP modes. According to 1C Games Studios, the feel of the game will differ from that of a comparable shooter in that strategy will be more important than mere reaction speed.

Similar to other wargaming games, there will be different classes of players which are better suited for certain purposes. The Gamescom version will give players a choice of Storm Soldier, Supporters, Paramedics and Snipers. In addition, the title also differs in that the events are displayed from the third person view instead of the usual ego perspective. If you’d like to take a look at gameplay scenes in advance, you might want to check out the Caliber announcement trailer. We have included it in this news for you.

A closed beta for Caliber already existed in June 2019, but it was only available in Russia. Now the title will be playable in Germany for the first time. Concrete release dates for both the beta and the finished game have not yet been announced.

Quelle: Wargaming

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